I am beginning what I believe is an epic journey for me on 12th January 2015. I’m calling it “The 14 Week Challenge“. It is going to be 14 weeks of taking gradual, planned, organised and intentional steps towards a healthier, more fit me. I’m unhappy with how unfit and unhealthy I am and I want to actively take a step towards changing that. I will be posting on this blog every day starting the 12th of January under the “#14WeekChallenge” section. I will be documenting my progress, struggles, wins, fails and all other stuff related to the challenge every day for 14 weeks. I hope you are encouraged to join me and please feel free to comment on, like, dislike, ignore or share my posts. It would, however, be great if you could join me on this journey because travelling to any destination together is more fun than doing it alone. I hope that you are motivated throughout by my posts, videos, etc. and it’s okay if you are not too. Point is, let’s see where we get in 14 weeks from now!

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