Pan-fried eggplant with a yogurt dip!

I love eggplant — IF it’s cooked the right way. It’s pretty neutral in flavor and that’s the best thing about it. If spiced and cooked well, it can taste yummy!

So, here’s what I did today — made pan-friend eggplant with a yogurt dip.

For the dip:

I just mixed one cube of grated cheese with 4 tablespoons of yougurt and a pinch of salt and a little pepper. I could have put more cheese in it, but I wanted it less cheesy. If you want, you can pile on the cheese. Here’s what my dip looked like…


The Eggplant: 

  • I took the longish eggplant and cut it into discs.
  • I then coated the discs with chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder and salt to taste.
  • Then on a pan, I heated about a teaspoon of oil and let the discs shallow fry in it.
  • When they were crisp and done on both sides, I removed them and let the oil drain on a tissue.
  • Mum and me then went to town on the fried eggplant with the dip! ^_^

IMG_1047  IMG_1048 IMG_1052

You should totally try this! Who knew vegetables could be fun to eat?! 😀



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  1. Thanks for sharing! Add roasted Sooji or Semolina in coating!

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